Benefits Of China Eno

  • 1.Selected raw materials
  • 2.Famous Designer Design
  • 3.Years of Production Experience
  • 4.Precision quilting Technology
  • 5.Support processing customization
  • 6.Strict Quality Inspection Process
  • 7.Compliance with international standards
  • 8.The product is durable
  • 9.Perfect after-sales service

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  • Which is warm, down quilt or cotton quilt?


    Which is warm, down quilt or cotton quilt?Down quilts are warmer than cotton quilts.Quilts are heavier, but they are not fit for the body. Some elderly people are allergic to quilts with smaller fibers. Down quilt, light and warm. But for some people who are s···

  • How to choose a professional down quilt?


    As a member of quilt industry, down quilt is popular for its lightweight, warm and durable characteristics. More importantly, feathers are highly damp, breathable and dry, not rigid, and comfortable to cover.If you want to nest in warm bedclothes in winter, ho···

  • What if the silk is dirty?


    Mulberry silk quilt is more and more popular with young and old customers because of its warm winter and cool summer habits and natural health care effects. In fact, we need to pay attention to how to wash the silk quilt. Before we know how to wash silk, we ne···

  • How to choose silk quilt?


    Early spring, sleep well! Spring is coming quietly. Many people have already changed their heavy cotton quilts and covered them with soft and comfortable silk quilts. Many people are still confused about how to choose silk quilts. The price of silk quilts of a···

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